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  • Vienna Ensemble 6/7 with 2 Macs interface question

    I heard that Ensemble Pro could allow me to connect a controller to both my older mac OS desktop and also a macbook, where the desktop has Logic, Kontakt and sample libraries and RME, and the macbook has Ensemble pro software, a Kontakt player and the newer sample libraries that are no longer compatible with the desktop setup. I don't want to upgrade the desktop.

    I want to be able to use all the libraries in Logic at the desktop. Working in midi low latency til end of session then sending the macbook tracks as audio into the session.

    Would have to get a usb to ethernet adapter for the macbook, but I'm thinking maybe just the Ensemble 6/7 software will do this.

    Is this possible ? 

  • Hi Lynn, 

    Depends on your OS. You will need macOS 10.10 to work with VE Pro 7. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Paul, yes, 10.10 which is fine I know to put Ensemble 7 or 6 on, my MacBook

    A technical local person in a pro shop in a big city suggested this route to me as an alternate or preferred to using an audio interface and midi interface.

    I wish to use the MacBook as a sound module within Logic. My object is to install sound libraries in the MacBook that are not compatible with the Desktop OS.

    Would anyone have some experience or know how for a workaround for me ?

  • Hi, 

    Just to be safe: What is your desktop OS?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I'm thinking the extra RME and midi interface would work best here.

    But the Ensemble software was recommended. It would go with the Macbook, and the desktop is less than recommended. I had heard Ensemble needed to be compatible with only the master not the slave as well. 

    Perhaps I'm misinformed. Would both have to be 10.10 up ?

    thanks for your time !