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  • Humanizing goes wild!

    Hi, folks,

    I have a little probelm with VIPro. As soon as I connect my controller (Launch Control XL [Novation]) with Cubase and open a VIPro instance, the humanize section goes wild.

    That means: Without pressing any keys the humanize curve changes continually on the screen (no sound of course). This doesn't happen when I don't connect my controller. So how got VIPro "confused"? This didn't happen before when I used the controller...

    Also some of the performance controllers seem to be blocked since I can't connect them with my fader. Can anybody help me?


    sounds like your controller is sending out CC data: you may check if it is the case doing the following:

    - usa a midi monitor, or record a track and look into the MIDI data list

    - check if VIpro has the humanizing curve automated by the "performance" control set-up.

    Not sure if it will help, but I should try that first.