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  • How to run Kontakt in VePro as surround plug-in

    I'm creating a new surround sound template for my Cubase 10 networked to a slave PC running VePro 6. I have Cubase configured for Quadro as well as VePro. The Master bus in VePro shows the surround panner and is routed to Out1 - Out4. Since I am running A LOT of instruments in Kontakt, I want to route the surround mics to the outputs 3&4.

    Everything works when routed to the default Kontakt st. 1 output and it plays through VePro Out1 and Out2.

    However, when I create st. 2 and map it in Kontakt to Out3 and Out4 and (after restarting the Kontakt plugin) reroute the surround mic to st. 2 - I get no sound from that output.

    Does VePro recognize those additional outputs? Does anybody have a step by step for configuring Kontakt for surround in VePro 6?

    BTW, I tested this with EW Play for Hollywood Strings Diamond and it worked flawlessly straight away. I even recorded a 4-channel audio file in Cubase so I don't think this is a VePro/Cubase issue. It seems unique to Kontakt.

    Any ideas?

  • This is a known bug I pointed out to VSL 1 year ago : Kontakt is not seen as a 5.1 plugin in VE PRO in Windows.

    15/06/2018 :
    Hi Matthieu, You are of course correct - thanks for reporting and please accept my apologies for the confusion. I was in fact checking this on my Mac with the AU version of Kontakt, which can indeed be loaded as a true 5.1 plug-in in VE Pro, and just realised that this is not possible with the VST version of Kontakt on my PC. I will notify our developers of this inconsistency and they will hopefully be able to implement a fix during the next VE Pro update spin - thanks for your patience! Best regards from Vienna, Marnix Veenenbos

    But VSL DOESN'T CARE AT ALL, we can die ! No reply to my 2 support cases (1 month ago, then 10 days ago)... I'm so upset !

  • Hello, 

    We will look into this for VE Pro 7. There seems to be very little demand for surround and Kontakt, but we'll find out what's in the way.

    Sorry about the frustration!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • It would be great.

    Thanks for the answer.

  • Additionally VE Pro does not know what to do with outputs in the 'Unassigned' range, which a DAW sees the outpus as two monos, which is what they actually are. VE Pro thinks it's two stereos.