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  • Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 question

    Apologies if this comes across naive.

    I’m relatively new to VSL and have been using the free player with VI series libraries as a VSTi. It suits me for what I’m currently doing. However, a case presents itself tor moving to one of the Pro players. (For example, I’d like to acquire license to access the Konzerhaus Organ and select individual stops. An 8 slot rack is obviously  going to be better than 4). Then there’s the polyphonic legato.

    Question is, will it act as/replace the free player without other adjustments to how I manipulate patches, matrices and presets? It’ll just appear in the service panel instead of the free player?

    If not, what do I likely face in adjusting the system to get it to work? I can’t see at the moment using the Synchron player.

    I admit that one attraction is only having to buy one license. I’m unlikely ever to use VSL on more than one computer at a time (mobility reasons) so arbitrarily buying three licenses is a waste, the price of each being close on the cost of a single instrument collection, if the Pro 7 extra license price is anything to go by.

    I’d be most grateful for advice on this and thank anyone in advance for their help.

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    Hi Firefrost,

    Could it be that you are actually interested in Vienna INSTRUMENTS Pro (offers 16 slots in one instance)?

    I have just sent you demo licenses for both VI Pro and VE Pro 6, the software is available here for you to test.
    And these are our video tutorials, you will like the features of VI Pro.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I'm not sure I completely understand your question but are you asking if you need VE Pro in order to host VI pro?

    No.  You can use the free hosting software to host VI pro instances. 

    VE Pro just has more advanced features like being able to host 3rd party players and automation.

    Genrally speaking, the transition from VI to VI Pro is pretty seamless.  You're just going to have many more features to learn how to use but all of your presets won't be affected.

  • Now this has got me even more confused.

    I’d better state the “requirements” again. – Compared with Vienna Instruments Ensemble, I want a player a) with a larger slot rack and b) that allows polyphonic legato and portamento (if appropriate for an instrument).

    I considered Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 because:

     -it seems to fulfil those requirements

    -it’s at a promotional price.

    -it will work on one computer for which I only need one license.

    I’m not interested in a bundle of licenses, nor Epic Orchestra. (One of the aversions about Pro 2 is forcing me to buy three licenses when the chance of using the remaining 2 is slightly less than me swimming the Pacific Ocean!)

      VE Pro7 also seemed to circumvent what to me has become quite some confusion about the various pro players available. There’s Vienna Instruments Pro 2 listed in the software as simply Vienna Instruments Pro. No mention of Ensemble. Now I learn there’s a VE Pro 6 which isn’t listed in VSL’s Products/Software list.

      I click on a video on the Time+Space site offering Vienna Instruments Pro 2 only to be told about 5 minutes in “By the way, please install the latest versions of Vienna Ensemble 4 and 5 before you install Vienna Instruments otherwise Vienna Instruments Pro 2 will not be available.” I can’t find those anywhere.

      Now, Paul has kindly offered me a demo license for Vienna Instruments Ensemble Pro 6 which like I say, isn’t among VSL’s software listed – as far as I can see.

     Hence my caution and now confusion.

      So the questions become –

     If I buy Vienna Instruments pro 2 will I have to install other software before it will work as a VST? (like for instance VE Pro6)

     Likewise, with Vienna pro 7 will I have to install other software for it to work as a VST? (such as VE Pro6).

    If I need VE Pro6 where do I buy it. I can't find it anywhere. 

     In both cases, when I load a project that uses VSL via its background services software, will it just call up the new player, whichever Pro I buy?

      I don’t mind having to set up patches into matrices and presets again if they aren’t automatically imported from the Vienna Instruments Ensemble player.

      What frightens me is that the upgrade doesn’t work and I can’t roll it back. I haven’t yet explored uninstalling the Vienna Instruments Ensemble player and re-downloading it to start again from scratch. But for this fear I'd have gone ahead with the demo download by now.

     It may be better to stay with what I have and work around it by linking tracks in the DAW etc. (I’m using Reaper as I really only need a MIDI editor and it does everything I want).

     Further comment would be most appreciated and thank you for everything so far.

  • Hi, 

    This sounds like you want "Vienna Instruments Pro 2", not Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 (although it is a great software, and currently at a great price). 

    Let's get to your questions: 

    1) "If I buy Vienna Instruments pro 2 will I have to install other software before it will work as a VST? (like for instance VE Pro6)"
    => No, install and play. 

    2) "Likewise, with Vienna pro 7 will I have to install other software for it to work as a VST? (such as VE Pro6)."
    => VE Pro 7 is simply the next step after VE Pro 6. It is not available yet, that's why I sent you a demo license for VE Pro 6, the predecessor. "

    3) "If I need VE Pro6 where do I buy it. I can't find it anywhere. "
    => It is not available anymore. 

    4) "In both cases, when I load a project that uses VSL via its background services software, will it just call up the new player, whichever Pro I buy?"

    => VI Pro is the Pro sample player. 
    => VE Pro is the Pro host software. 

    => You will have VI Pro available both in VE and VE Pro, just like the non-Pro version (Vienna Instruments). 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • You're using Vienna instruments (free version), if you upgrade to Vienna Instruments Pro 2 you will get the extra slot racks and polyphonic legato as required. And some other nice gadetry too. VI Pro 2 is the only option to satisfy your requests. It comes with one license.

    FYI: Vienna Ensemble is hosting software, not a VSL library player. The free version of Vienna Ensmble can host multiple Vienna Instruments players. It's excellect software and very useful. Since it's free you can download it and find out just how useful it may be to you. The pro version of Vienna Ensemble can also host third party players such as Kontakt. It's even better :)

    Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 is not yet available, but at the moment you can pre-order it for a discounted price. VE Pro 7 comes with one license, a change to the pricing structure of VE Pro 6 which included 3 licenses whether you needed them or not.

    Hope this clarifies.

  • Thank you for the clarifications. Actually I realised Pro 7 isn’t available yet. The offer says “pre-order”.

    It was about timing. I won’t act anyway until a couple of projects are finished which is about three weeks. An upgrade isn’t vital but it’s good to be prepared. From what I learn, it looks like Pro 2 which I’ll buy.

    But I apologies for my naivety. I now see why I was confused about the many different “pros” and ensemble 6. It’s a structure new to me. How other libraries work I don’t know. The samples I was using were bought and the license was about usage rather than access.

    So thank you for your troubles. The mysterious workings of VSL can’t be learned in a day. I’ll acquire the license for Pro 2 in due time.  Thank you Paul for the demo offer but in case something goes wrong I should sign off this couple of projects first.  


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    Hi Firefrost, 

    Glad we could sort this out - new products can be confusing, and we do have a lot to offer, so no worries 😊


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL