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  • USB Licenser Problem


    since I have upgraded Mac OS Sierra to Mac OS High Sierra (10.13.6) I regularly get error messages, e.g.

    • decoding failed, no appropriate license found
    • materializing failed
    • no license found
    • application not registered

    The error messages appear only from time to time, e.g. when quitting VE Pro or updating a library in the Directory Manager.

    Is this maybe a hardware failure? Should I transfer my licenses to another key?

    By the way: I have a flashed 5,1 Mac Pro (2009), 6-core, 32 GB, no SSD. 


    Hi, in case it may help:

    in the last months I got an increasing amount of issues with my eLicenser after recent software updates and adding new licenses, on my MacPro with 10.13.6.

    I was initially thinking my old key had some hardware problem so I transfered all to a identical but brand new key I was conserving as back-up (almost never used), but no changes, same problems.

    Studying the problem, I realized that my keys were still the (slightly longer) USB2 versions, and probably actual number of licenses and new software were driving them to communication speed issues.

    I had to buy a new eLicenser (the slightly shorter USB3 compliant new one) and after I moved into it all my licenses, it works up-to-now without issues. Crossing fingers USB data flow was the main reason of my problem.