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  • VE PRO 6 losing sound of EastWest PLAY instruments

    Hello there,

    this is what I am working with:
    Mac, Pro Tools newest version, Vienna Ensemble Pro 6, Vienna Instruments and EastWest libraries.

    I am hosting my VI and EastWest instruments in Vienna Ensemble Pro. A while ago (I think when I upgraded to VEP6) a problem occured. When I start working everything is fine but after a while, usually 10-20min in, I suddenly lose all sound on all of my EastWest instruments hosted in VEP via PLAY. The Vienna Instruments sounds still work. It appears PLAY still receives midi signals, there is just no sound (the sound meters don't move either). It is strange.

    I've used this setup since 2011 and never had the problem. This started about half a year ago (only posting this now, because I haven't really composed in that half year). It is really bothering because I have to close VEP and PT and reload every single time this happens. I tried to load instances of PLAY directly in pro tools as instrument tracks. The problem does not occure even after hours of working.

    Is there anyone who might have an idea what could be causing this?
    Thank you!

  • Check your power saving settings, I dont know MaCOS all that well, but if its anything like Windows, there are settings that tell the computer to turn off USB, Firewire, and other ports when not in use. Unfortunately, the OS isnt very smart about what it deems in use. Anyway, this is something you can check, I dunno if its your problem, but if its consistent, it might solve your problem.

  • Energy Saver in OSX is not likely to cause one plugin in VE Pro to not sound; I don't know which OS version, but today all it does is you may select put the hard drive to sleep after a time; then there is App Nap which will theoretically allow select apps to continue on anyway. But if it's that, it wouldn't discriminate.

  • Edge:

    Are you using EW Cloud by any chance?

    The iLok that has the license asset for EW Play - is that by any chance plugged into a USB3 port? iLok's have a known issue working over a USB3 connection - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The usual remedy is to plug the iLok into a powered USB2 port and then into the computer.