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  • performance legato question

    Hi guys, I'm having problems with the legato articulations. They're often behaving very inconsistently. Sometimes the legato connection will not be triggered even though the MIDI notes do overlap. Other times, the volume of two adjecent legato notes will be radically different even though both notes have the same velocity. Any help would be appreciated.



  • Are you using VI Pro?  If so, what's the legato interval set to?  Make sure it's mono, not polyphony.

    Is velocity Crossfade turned on or off?  Make sure it's turned off then see if you have the volume differences.

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    Thanks for the reply, Jasen. My settings are like you suggest, still doesn't work...

  • Can you post a MIDI file and a video or mp3 so we can take a look at your problem?

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • I uploaded a audio sample. It won't let me upload a midi file, it says it's an unsupported format

  • You need to zip the file.

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • I added the zip file

  • Hi Ben, I appreciate your earlier responses on this thread, but I was hoping to get some feedback after I uploaded the example files above...


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    sorry, I saw your thread during work and wanted to check it later... and totaly forgot about it.

    I just imported your midi. The result is the same as yours. This is part of this instrument. I assume you used the Flute I. On these high notes the legato does sound this way, even with real instruments.
    If you dislike this, try the Flute II, or the Piccolo. Their legato has other characters (Flute II -> even transitions, but you can hear the key-noises).

    I'll attach the same demo rendered with Flute2 and Piccolo.

    Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • That helps, thank you so much, Ben. Although I will say that I've run into similar issues with VSL strings, and I don't believe that's a limitation of the actual instrument (i.e. violins can move very smoothly from note to note..)

  • Have you tried lower velocity levels? The legato should sound more smooth in those layers, just like with real instruments.

    There are sometimes edge cases where the higer velocity layer will be triggered, but it does not fit the sound you want to create. If so, try using lower velocity and work with volume automation curves.
    Or try turning on velocity crossfade + use automation.

    If you have smaller jumps use portamento instead, or for faster smaller jumps the performance trills. Don't let the articulation name dictate what you choose. Take the articulation that fits best the sound you want. Somtimes the simple sustain patch + slightly overlapping notes, or on the contrary notes with a little space works best.

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • I'll try those suggestions, thanks again!