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  • PT2018/Synchron buffer issue

    Pro Tools HDX, version, Synchron 1.1.1497, VEPro 6.0.17226. Mac OS 10.13.6. 12-Core nMP with 64 GB RAM, Samsung 970Pro SSD on a Lycom PCIe card for library. So I was recently writing some trailery music and wanted to use the lovely Yamaha CFX. Immediately had weird dropouts - the CPU meter in the player matched them perfectly with peaks - and I noticed that on other attempts when using bits of the new Synchron Epic Orchestra in VEPro that I had the same dropouts, but that they were not metering in VEPro - [i]only[/i] in ProTools. On further experimentation I found that the dropouts were vastly reduced or eliminated when ProTools was playing (transport running), but were not affected by changes in buffer sizes in ProTools, changing the number of cores allocated to the Synchron player or VEPro, or reducing the number of mic positions used. Subsequent tests in Logic Pro showed no problems playing any of the instruments whether in play or not and at much lower buffer sizes. This indicates to me that there is an issue in how PT handles these instruments. Thoughts? Richard F.W. Davis