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  • VEP freezes after reconnecting with Microsoft Remote Desktop

    I connect to my PC using Microsoft Remote Desktop.


    I open VEP  on the PC.


    I disconnect from this PC by closing Remote Desktop.


    I connect again, but the VEP App is ALWAS frozen.not responding. The only thing I can do is to kill it. Very annoying and this is VEP error



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    Hi Adia,

    We cannot fix it. My suggestion is to use an alternative program for screensharing.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Paul,

    Would you please make a recommendation of which alternate works best.  I really don't want to do a trial and error approach.  

    I am currently running VEP5 on Windows 7 server and have been using Remote Desktop Connection from my MacPro.  I'd like to upgrade to VEP7 but don't want to loose time trying to get things to work in my setup.

    I did not upgrade to VEP6 because I'd heard there were issues with RDC there also.

    I have about $10K invested in VSL products and about $7K in my server.

    Seems strange that RDC would not work.  After all VEP is running on the server and RDC is just a screen share application.  I understand VSL has no control over RDC but it isjust does not make any sense that RDC would cause VEP to lock up.

    Unless I misunderstanding Adia's situation.


    P.S. I guess I could download the trial version of VEP7 and see what happens and if there are issues just stay with VEP5?