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  • Some instruments in Logic not connecting to VEPro Server

    I am running VEPro 6 on a slave PC under Windows 7 which is connected to my Mac running Logic Pro X. I have a full orchestral template set up on the PC. All has been running smoothly up until now. I've recently recorded some audio files in a project in Logic. Now when I load up that same project, which has been loading and running flawlessly before now, either all or some of the VEPro instances in Logic are not connecting to the Server automatically. I then have to connect them manually. 

    I always work decoupled so I save the Server project separately whenever I change anything there. I save the project file in Logic separately. As I say, prior to this that project has been loading with all connections established, no need for manual connecting. I imagine it's something to do with the Logic project now having to load audio files as well as everything else - that must be interfering with the smooth loading of all the connected instances for some reason. At least that's all that makes sense to me given when this problem started to happen.

    Has anyone come across this and can anyone tell me what's happening and how to fix it? Connecting instances manually every time I load the project doesn't exactly enhance my workflow! Thanks.