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  • VEpro 6 & 7 Automation with Logic tutorial

    I've been using Vepro 6 for a longtime and tried to write automation in logic for Kontakt or Omnisphere Vepro instances (filter cutoff, volumes etc ..)  but I never found the way to do it. Is there a tutorial somewhere explaining this ? Thanks

  • Is it possible to write automation in Logic to automate plugins parameter in VEpro ? I mean automation for Kontakt instruments parameters AND effects parameters like Reverb, delay etc ... ? Each time I arm automation in logic (touch) I get nothing recorded. Help !

  • If you want to use a physical controller, I don't have any experience with that for Host Automation in Logic, don't know.
    If you want to llterally write it. you want Smart Controls. In VE Pro Automation Map, once you have it set up in Host Automation in Kontakt learn the parameter or grab it from the menu. Then "000" in Smart Controls for Host Automation should correspond. If you want to write CC instead, that's available instead of "Parameters" in the input of the Auto Map. Other plugins witl have their interface and exposure their parameters to learn or see in the menu.