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  • Merge dimension trees? And a suggestion for when using Dimension string in MIR venue.


    1- I merged 3 dimensions trees (violons 1: normal, mute and tasto) in a single synchron player instance by copying and pasting one by one all the cells of the first dimension ("Players" column). This is time consuming and it needs some attention/concentration. Is there a way to do this more easily?

    2- New SYNCHRONized dimension strings are great in their Synchron studio. But it could be great too if VSL build "dry" presets (removing all reverbs and adds mono pan adjustments like in VIP) for using with MIR venues.


    Claude B.



  • Hello Claude!

    With the option "Copy root slot", your task of building giant presets with SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Strings I to III could be done much quicker and easier. This option is available when you right click on the background of the dimension area. I would take care that you don't use the same keyswitches on more than one dimension.

    In general it is not recommended to use patches from different collections in one player, because mxier presets between different products are not compatible with each other. Dimension Strings I to III should be ok though.

    You can easily make your own dry mixer preset. Go to the mixer tab, load the first mixer preset ("... Close"), deactivate reverb, bypass or remove the impulse responses, choose Balance for panorama settings and set the players to the positions you want. Then you can save your mixer preset either within the preset (disk symbol) or to disk. If you save it to disk, you can import it for other presets as well.

    Best regards,


    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Works fIne. Thanks a lot Andi.