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  • Stretch tool in the Synchron Player ???

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    this weekend I had the opportunity to work with a.o. SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Strings 1 and Synchron Strings 1 and to begin with: I love it. Beautiful libraries, working together it gives so much more opportunities, and then with the Cantabile patch in it, just a real feast.

    At the same time I started to miss something, spoilt as I am with the possibilities of Vienna Instruments Pro...
    namely a stretch function in the Synchron Player, among others to adjust for instance a little staccato notes and detacher short notes.
    It should really be a very helpful tool, also for the dimension brass, especially to adjust the length of glissandos.
    So, forgive me, VSL, for being such a spoilt user, but in fact: you made me so 😊...

  • Hi MMKA, 

    Thanks for your request. I agree, it would be great to have flexible time-stretching in Synchron Player as well,  but time-stretching becomes even trickier when applied to reverberated material. 

    It is on our list and we are thing about a good way to do this, but sound quality will always be the main objective here. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    @Paul said:

    but sound quality will always be the main objective here.
    Of course, but when it turns out, that time-stretching for reverberated material shouldn't be a good idea in connection with sound quality, an alternative would be to reserve this feature for SYNCHRON-ized libraries, that are recorded dry.But I'm glad VSL is thinking this through. And according the experience throughout the years we can expect: there is a very good chance, that something good will come out. Good luck in this always on going adventure!