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  • VEP Setup - MIDI and AUDIO from slave computer

    Hi everyone,

    I have a master (macOS)/slave (win10) setup with VEP5. Everything works perfectly but I have just one issue. 

    My keyboard is connected to the slave (for several reasons I cannot connect it to the master computer) and this way I only get audio printed in my master's DAW. 

    Is there a way to get both the MIDI and the AUDIO printed in the master's DAW with the MIDI keyboard connected to the slave computer?

    DAW is Logic 10.4.4


    Thank you in advance

  • The audio is coming to Logic anyway, the keyboard is not interfering with that path.
    To get MIDI recorded in Logic you need the instrument to send MIDI, including the data from the input, to 'the outside world' and have the DAW set for that as input; ie., the MIDI in on the track is that channel from VE Pro.
    Theoretically, that is; I don't know if it works from experience. EG: Kontakt will output all its MIDI activity to the outside world, with all boxes checked. I've not seen VSL instruments with any settings like that. You won't be able to count on many instruments to do this. So you need to resolve whatever issue prevents you from connecting to the master to work optimally.