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  • Cube std vs full in Sibelius



    I'm working on Sibelius Ultimate 2019.1 90% of my time to write, arrange, and orchestrate.

    I'm also using VEP 6, VI Pro, MIRx and Vienna Suite Pro with Special Edition Complete.


    Now, I would like to go to the next sounding level (still using Sibelius), and so was thinking to upgrade to Symphonic Cube.


    My question here is trying to get the right path for now and the future:

    - Get Symphonic Cube Full, and only that (due to money limitation)

    - Get Symphonic Cube Standard with other libs now or later (Appassionata, Dimension, Synchronized ones, …)


    I was wondering 2 things:

    - Does the difference between standard and full Cube can be clearly heard in Sibelius (I mean, not inside a DAW)?

    - Is it a consequent work to be able to use all the Full articulations?


    Thanks a lot for your answers!





    VI Special Edition Complete Bundle

    Epic Orchestra 2.0

    VE Pro 6

    VI Pro 2

    MIRx Bundle

    Vienna Suite Pro

  • Hello Gil!

    Both ways that you suggest in your message are equally possible.

    Symphonic Cube full will give you additional articulations that you don't get in the standard version. So the difference to the standard library can be heard, if you use the additional articulations. A detailed list of standard and extended articulations can be seen on the product pages under "Sample content".

    The other libraries will give you additional instrumental colours.

    I hope this helps you with your decision.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hello Andi,

    Thanks for your quick answer!

    I understand your answer, but just to be sure about the work (or not) to be done to support the Full LIbrary articulations in Sibelius: for example, for the Orchestra Violins, in the articulation group "1 SHORT + LONG NOTES", the Standard Library defines a "Long staccato", and the Full Library adds a "Short staccato".

    I do suppose that in Sibelius, if you play a simple note (no ponticello or other) with a staccato, if you use Standard Library, it will play the "Long staccato" ; but what if you have the Full Library? Do you need to explicitly add technical text (or something else) to use the "Short staccato"?

    Thanks for your answer!

    Best regards,


  • Hello Gil!

    In the Orchestral Strings extended VI presets for Sibelius different kinds of staccato get automatically triggered according to speed control. The faster staccato notes are following each other, the shorter the notes will be. In addition to that you can always use custom cells to trigger any patch you want with the technique text commands "custom1", "custom2" and "custom3".


    Vienna Symphonic Library
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