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  • Synchron Strings Violins Cantabile


    I just noticed an update version for Synchron Strings Violins (Cantabile).

    Is this a download or an update (because it is listed in both sections)? And what can we expect?

    Many thanks in advance.

  • Cantabile (ital.) ist eine musikalische Vortragsbezeichnung, mit der Bedeutung „gesanglich“ oder „liedhaft“. Ursprünglich wies der Begriff in der Instrumentalmusik an, auf eine bestimmte Art der Phrasierung die menschliche Stimme nachzuahmen. (Says Google) BTW I just saw that the Dim Strings have an Update available too.

  • Thanks, I googled it, too. Sounds exciting, because it has definitely something to do with the legatos. :) Downloading right now.

    And the update for Dimenstions Strings also sounds great. Exciting^2.

  • Update info PDF is just bellow the update file, but not marked NEW.

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  • I hear a more gradual initiating of the bow, drawing into the note, well-suited to a singing melody of slow or moderate tempo -- a most welcome addition to the palette and proof that VSL development never stops. 

  • Just for the one who did not see it. DIMENSION STRINGS 3 are out! Edit: Bought

  • I was doubting in which thread I could write about the Cantabile patches. Jimmy Hellfire wrote about it in the thread about the new version of the Synchron Player, and this thread is about the patch itself. First I want to say I agree with Jimmy Hellfire very much about the Cantabile patch. What I appreciate very much in it, is the vibrato in the strong vibrato patch. It is very expressive, and the x-fade with the light vibrato makes that you can much more give it the right expression. Beautifully. Great. And as Jimmy wrote: it would be great as the other sections should get also a cantabile patch. I want to share also a little thing: when you use the filter (cc24) in an existing project, it is very good possible that you have to change the value of it, when the cantabile patch comes in. I had to do that in my case.

  • I agree. 

    Btw, does anybody know how to trigger the cantabile patch in Sibelius?  


    I notice a better legato transition, similar to the soft, but more responsive... a lot more natural than standard... finally!

    Yep the strong vibrato is a great addition to the expressive palette of Synchron Strings.

    This is a great update, it sounds based on customer feedback, definitely what we all expect from VSL.

    Thank you to the team, listen to us, ignore polemics, never give up.

  • Love the Cantabile Violins! This is what I was hoping for the first time around with Synchron.

    Please complete the series with the viola, celli, etc. I think you have a hit here.

  • I second all the positive feedback on the Cantabile violins. I think their sound is warm and lively, the patches perform extremely well.

    Congratulations on a long awaited, yet very well done update. Let's hope all other sections are in the pipe :)


  • First impression: I also love the vibrato, it's way more expressive. And there are some legato transition enhancements, right? Particularly in the upper registers.

    Thanks for the free update. I'm looking forward to see the other sections following.

    But I'm wondering... are these new recordings? Sounds a bit like the Appassionata Strings strong vibrato, but I don't think that you did a mishmash with them, didn't you?

  • Hi, 

    Great to see that you like those new additions!

    The samples have indeed all been recorded new and exclusively for Synchron Strings (and Herb Tucmandl himself was the muscial director). 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    @Paul said:

    The samples have indeed all been recorded new and exclusively for Synchron Strings (and Herb Tucmandl himself was the muscial director).

    WOW, than I say again: MANY THANKS for this FREE update!

    ... (and that you listened to the dissatisfied customers and negative comments) ...

  • Hi Paul - any clarity on whether the rest of the Cantabile sections are in the works? Hope so...

  • Hi. Herb already said that the Cantabile articulations would be available for the other sections in the future. 

  • I love this update, but I am having troubles in blending it with other legato patches of Vlns I, the sound for me is too different...any advice?

  • The things that work for me: keep as a starting point a not too high velocity for all the patches, and use of the filter (cc24) for the non-cantabile patches.
    Beside this I use the combination of Synchron Strings with the SYNCHRON-ized Strings (I use 4 players at the violins for example for this purpose), what also bring the total sound to each other. This makes the total sound also more living.
    I hope this will help for you a little.

    Another thing I do is, that with the Synchron Strings I only use the mics that are the most distant and almost not the near mics.

    I came to this decision after a concert that I visited of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra in the concert hall "De Doelen" in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I noticed, that in the concert hall the string section sounds so totally different from the studio recordings. It was almost a shock for me (with the emphasis on "almost" of course). So much darker, less harsh, warmer. I was sitting in the middle of the hall. I remember William brought this point in more than once. And I agree totally with him.
    This brought me to the point to just use the mics that are the most remote. 

  • Thanks. A huge improvement in legato - can't wait for the remainder of the sections to be available!