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  • Changing tuning

    Hi all,

    If we change the tuning from A=440 to another number, is the sound quality affected in a negative way at all?

    I am wondering if the sound samples were recorded with A=440, and if we then change the tuning, that this introduces some sort of processing to the sound?

    Any ideas greatly aprpeciated.


  • I've only worked in 440 and 432 so I can't speak for any really exotic tunnings you might have in mind.  Almost all of my larger works are in 440 but I prefer to do chamber in 432.  I have templates that are identical in structure but the tunning is either 440 or 432.

    In the past (The Old Vienna GUI) I would use anything between 430 and 442 and there never was any discernable deterioration of the sound quality and I don't imagine that would be any different today.