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  • Website incredibly slow

    Dear VSL,

    Just in case some may be interested, the website is regularly VERY slow. I thought maybe it was just me, but when I ran some diagnostics on the site, it confirmed that nearly all performance criteria were in the red. Google analytics gave the site a 40 out of 100, just to mention. 

    Someone may take some pity on the loyal customers who come to the site to actually get some things done, like, for example, spending money on products, and see if someone might take some steps to improve your Internet store-front.

    Best regards,

  • welcome Richard,
    we are sorry to hear you are encountering performance problems. we will have a look on this issue but generally analytics confirms not too bad loading times ...


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • I appreciate you taking a look into it, but my general experience on the site is that often, but certainly not every day, clicking on links simply spins a blue circle endlessly. 

    Some days its ok, not fast, but not slow. If it were consistent with other sites, I'd chaulk it up to just my connection, or my cache, or my browser, but when both Chrome and IE simply didn't load correctly, I did a little digging and did a page analysis. This is the result:

    Score: 42 out of 100.

    90-100 fast; 50-89 average; 0-49 slow

    That said, it is MUCH better today, even with the performance overall. Yesterday when I posted, it appeared the fonts we're dragging from the CSS load.

    Hopefully, it isn't a continuous condition. Thanks again for the reply.

  • hello again, just to respond on a few aspects:
    - request for / delays the response because a redirect your preferred or browser language happens, e.g. /en gives a score of 66
    - major impact on loading times have HiRes images (a request from marketing to serve retina displays with more brilliant pictures)

    nevertheless spinning wheels (except in the PriceBox caused by calculating your discounts) should not appear too often - we will monitor that.

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • To be a little fair, Google's pagespeed insights recently re-jigged how it measures pagespeed to account for sites built entirely on complex javascript frameworks like ghost or gatsby, so what was super fast is now just the 50-80 range. It's almost impossible to compete now with the sites that have a large team of developers behind it! 

    Some of the sites running on Gatsby for example are just preposterously fast-loading:

    Now, having said all that – VSL's site is fine, but probably in need of a facelift.

    Having said that, as a full-time web dev, the thoughts of rebuilding the product calculate, tied into one's account to show discounts etc, would make me run a mile!