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  • Can I avoid using "preserve" - problems?

    Hi All.

    Posted  some time ago about a problem I was having with a high-end windows 10 system, running PT12 (latest version) with VE Pro 6. Have three slaves all running windows 10.

    In summary - the problem was saving a song in PT and trying to exit. PT would hang. In addition, PT would hang if opening a song, where the slaves were already running instances - ready to go. My work around at the time was to ensure I opened PT first, then VE PRO on the slaves afterward, and connect manually. On finishing my song I would need to manually disconnect in PT. Then save PT files. Then turn slaves off.

    VE Pro 6 suggested it might be a firewall issue - tested. It was not. 

    So today - I played around again and selected NOT to preserve (I clicked to unlock the "lock"). Now PT will save and open and close with no problems. Just have the slave servers open (but not loaded with anything). Load a PT song and all is good :)   

    However - I note now that the instances are really only "live / open" when the song is open. I get that is the point of preserving - so that the slave instances stay open for other songs. 

    Anyway - all I have done is to save the instances also as a project - so they can then be used with other PT songs in the future.  I can now see why preserve is useful - however, as a work around - this should be ok?  


  • Have you tried decoupling and keeping instances preserved? the issue seems like a coupled problem first, and is not really all that unexpected when a DAW host has to keep up with large projects.

    But if you're not experiencing a problem there is no problem in the abstract I don't think.

    I always preserve/decouple, I never saw an upside to coupling which balances the downside which you describe.