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  • Synchron Steinway Won't Load Samples

    The Full Library is installed, path is correct in the plugin.  I have a valid license on an e-licenser (one of two in the system).  I have rebooted, restarted DAW (Cubase 9.5). I just downloaded the plugin for the first time yesterday, so it is the latest version.

    I run Windows 10 Pro (10.0.17763.168).  i9-9900k@4.8Ghz, 64Gb RAM

    I open the plugin, I select a preset and nothing loads. The memory counter at the bottom stays at zero.  Playing on my keyboard, I see the piano keys move in the plugin, but no sound.

  • It turns out that I only download and loaded the surround samples. The instrument needs to have the stereo samples as well.  Once those downloaded and installed it is working fine.

    What a great instrument!  Definitely the best sampled piano I own.  A real pleausre to play in surround.  I'm very glad I picked it up on the sale!

  • Hi Niversen, 

    Great to hear that you like the Concert D-274!

    Yes, we might need to improve the instructions on this one... "Multi" has been misleading in one or two cases already. 

    Anyway, long sunday ahead of you: ENJOY!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL