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    I have just one question and big hope for Version 7 - having purchased V6 via the pre-release offer.

    Will there be anything in V7 ( via collaboration with Native Instruments one hopes ) that makes owners of KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboards be able to use the functionality in that unit and its plugin - with VEP that improves things over how they are now? 

    Particulary when VEP is running on  a seperate server? 

    Given how much KONTAKT is part of many VEP users lives - Clearly this is a issue that has been of interest and concern both here and on the N.I. Forums.

  • We don't know, and those who know aren't telling...

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  • Hopefully Hans Z and Junkie XL can put in a good word and lobby for us on this

    Is it not fair to say that this is one major gripe with many of us - the KK thing ? 


  • A lot of person are looking for this feature, at least to have the keyswitches zone and the instrument(s) zone on the keyboard

  • Any news?

    Would love to give VSL some money. :)

  • This is something that would have to be done purely from the NI side - we have no influence over how KK operates.

  • Kontrol S With VEP?=/259581

  • I can see that this has been a requested feature a number of years now, and still no solution? Not even a roadmap, expressed intention to solve it or anything else?

    I'm not (yet) a user of VEP but would love to purchase a license...whenever NKS is supported. I have an S-88 Komplete Kontrol keyboard and a ton of VST plugins (Komplete Ultimate and most of the Heavyocity stuff) that really would need to be offloaded to another server.

    VEP would be the ultimate solution, but NKS functionality is an absolute requirement.

    Could you please give an indication on whether or not you are working on it, or at least if you regard it as an interesting thought? Otherwise I must start searching for other solutions.