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  • Vienna Key stopped showing licences

    Hi, When my key is inserted in my computer it no longer shows my licences. Also I thought I had to use the key on my slave computer but when an empty key is inserted it does not show a license, do I have to down load licences on this one also, thanks in advance.

  • Hello HART, 

    That's correct, an empty key shows no licenses. 

    You have now talked with most of our support team, and everybody told you exactly the same: You will need 2 VE Pro 7 licenses to use VE Pro 7 Server on both your computers. 

    So far, you have registered 1 VE Pro 7 license with us (and Epic Orchestra 2.0).

    I have now sent you another VE Pro 6 demo license, so you can download it to your empty elicenser and use VE Pro 6 on a second computer. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul, thank you, I did not no I had to buy another license for it all to work on my slave computer as the blurb does state that I only need one license and twe keys for the system to work as a master and slave. I am sorry you have found me a pain in the proverbial but it has been much worse for me I can assure you. I will try this out tomorrow when I am at home. The demo license will I presume last for a short while and then I will need buy an extra license, is this correct?

  • The demo license works for 30 days starting when you first activate it.
    And yes, you have to buy an additional license after that time.

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • Just hopefully one more question, does the demo license belong to the main computer and the already purchased licences go with the slave?

  • Hi, 

    You can easily move licenses from one key to the other anytime (in the eLicenser Control Center). 

    The licenses will do exactly the same, it's just that one license is time-limited to 30 days. You can use them as you like. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL