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  • Laptop system requirements

    Hi all,

    If I am planning to run the Steinway instrument on a laptop, what would be an adequate SSD size, processor type or other requirements, so that it would work without glitches or latency etc?

    Anyone with experience of guidance on what is needed?


  • Hi,

    After consulting a friend who recently bought this library, he recommands:

    A SSD over 500G, for SATA Samsung 860 evo or better. Nvme is the best choice.

    A processor with 8th generation i5. More CPU power is needed if you are running the Steinway with other VSTs at the same time, a i7 8600 or better.

    Lots of memories, the Steinway takes 25.5G of RAM when working (Full mic at high sample rate). You may have to spare extra RAM for both OS and DAW. 

    A full range 88 weighted master keyboard.

  • Thank you!

    It gives me something to explore and experiment with!