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  • Synchron with High Cubase Buffer Setting Issue

    I've just spent the last week trying to track down an issue I've been having when playing live in Synchron (VEP6 and VST3 single instance) in Cubase 10 on macOS 10.14.3. I was getting lots of red CPU overload warnings in Synchron and most notes being cut short or not sounding at all. Weirdly, this only happened with I played live, but not if I played back a pre-recorded MIDI track. It happened with all of the Synchron libraries including the pianos.


    Initially I thought the problem was with my SSD. After buying new cables, and even using a Faraday bag and tinfoil, I found out the culprit was the high buffer setting in Cubase. I had it set to 2048; when I reduced it to 1024 the problem vanished. I'm glad I solved it because I was about to buy a new SSD I was that fed up and desperate.


    I'm just posting this here in case any one else has this issue. I have no idea why this caused Synchron to throw a wobbly, but it seems it does not like the high buffer setting.