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  • (SOLVED)Changing Bass Articulation In Synchron Changes Octave?

    I tried to post this earlier but it seems to have vanished. When I change an articulation in Appasionata Strings in the basses, they don't play in the proper ocatve. For example, if I am on Fast Attack, where they seem to play correctly (that is, one octave lower as is customary - I set them that way), but I switch to Staccato or Sustained, suddenly they play an ocatve too high. Very strange.

  • Solved this one myself. You have to set the bass octave-offset for each articulation you use. So, you set -1 in the Edit-ocatve section for each articulation. Works fine now. Although I still would rather use CC events to change articulations, although I don't see a way to do this.

  • I have now discovered that it is better to set Cakewalk's Key property to -1 octave, then you don't have to set each articulation to -1 octave. However, you then have to set keyswitches to +1 octave. This only applies to basses, which play an octave lower than they are notated. This also solves the problem I hjad with all inst's keyswitches needing to be set +1 octave.

    Most here already know this, but perhaps there are a few othewre dummies like me who may benefit from it.