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  • Dimension Strings - Can only get Ensemble version to play in Sibelius

    Hi folks,

    I'm resurrecting some old Dimension Strings Sibelius scores and for some reason cannot get the individual instruments to play. The top line of my score has a stave dedicated to the Players 1-8 preset and then following on from that the individual solo instruments P1 P2 P3. I did get this to work in the past obviously but for some reason cannot figure out what is preventing the seperation. Was there some trick involved? I'm using the dimension.1  etc. sound ID of course. Perhaps someone can remind what i've forgotten to do?



  • {deleted} Still working on solving original dimension strings issue!

  • Hello Jurgen!

    Did you check the Troubleshooting chapter of the "Optimizing Sibelius Playback" manual? For most such problems, you should be able to find help there.

    I have a few questions to get a better picture of your problem.

    You have four instruments in your score and all are for Dimension Violins. Is that correct?

    Do you have four channels assigned for the Dimension Violins on the Manual Sound Sets page and in Vienna Ensemble?

    Can you share more details about your setup? (Instruments, Sibelius Playback Configuration, VI presets loaded in Vienna Ensemble.)

    Can you see in Vienna Ensmble that MIDI data is going to the respective channels? This can be seen with help of the green blinking MIDI LED in the Vienna Ensemble channel list.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hello Andi!

    Indeed i've spent more time again today to see if i can spot the problem and can indeed confirm that the instruments in the score has (in this case) 10 violins + 1 ensemble which are respectively connected via the manual sound sets to 11 MIDI channels (1-11) in Vienna Ensemble. 

    However i note that the Program Names in my score are listed as Dimension Violins Solo 1 ... Dimension VIolin Solo 10 with Sound IDs as follows: strings.violin.ensemble.dimension, strings.violin.ensemble.dimension.1... strings.violin.ensemble.dimension.10. Now I'm wondering if at some point i custom updated the VSL sound sets and have lost some level of customisation that previously enabled me to individuate 10 different sound IDs... 

    What would the normal method be then of going about controlling 10 different dimension violins? Should i go back into the SoundSet Editor and add these again or is this likely to be overkill and I'm overlooking a better way. I certainly achieved this level of complexity in the past though do note that there are some solutions proposed in the Optimizing Playback that suggest a similar although perhaps less flexible approach using the a2 a2.2 etcs commands.



  • Hello Jurgen!

    Program names with numbers 1 to 10 at the end point to a customized sound set, if they appear on the Manual Sound Sets page, or to customized instruments in your score, if they appear this way in the Sibelius Edit instruments menu. It's not necessary to have different Sound IDs for instruments of the same kind. You can add them multiple times with the same Sound ID. I'm afraid it's not possible for me to support your customized settings. I can only recommend staying with the settings we provide. Editing the sound set with the Sound Set Editor is purely experimental and cannot be supported from us.

    It's possible to load 11 Dimension Violins instruments in your score. It doesn't make a difference, if you load the single player or the all players VI presets.

    I would do as follows:

    - Close Sibelius and any VSL software that might be running.

    - Run VSL Soundset Installer and go back to the initial state of the "VE Strings" sound set. If you want to, you can backup your modified sound set before that.

    - Open Sibelius and load your score with the attached Playback Configuration.

    - Import "Vienna Symphonic Library" House Style with at least the instrument definitions and playback dictionary checked.

    - Add 11 Dimension Violins to your score.

    - Cut the content of your old staves and paste it to the new ones.

    - Go to the Manual Sound Sets page and reassign the programs (Dimension Violins I) on all channels.

    I hope this helps.


    Vienna Symphonic Library
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