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  • Solved...How can I hide channels in the mixer?

    Hi Everyone.

    i'm sorry if this is a silly question, but id really appreciate your help!

    I'm setting up a new template on Sibelius with VE Pro 6 and have a question regarding the mixer.

    Currently im inputting VIPro instruments (using the special editions as a test) and im using a lot of them, and as such the mixer is getting very wide!

    how can i (if this is possible) 'hide' the channels i dont want to see at any one time?

    ive played about with the folders options, and can make a folder, but cant seem to find a way of putting my channels into the folder. I assume im doing something really stupid....and i'd really be most greateful for any advice anyone could give me

    Thanks so much in advance



  • Hi Everyone.

    Ive sorted it...sorry about that.

    i wasnt dragging them into the folder properly!