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  • VEP plug in can't see slave VEP server

    Hello everyone!
    I just run into an issue using PT 12 and VEP server running on a slave machine. 
    I have a set up of a master PC and 2 Slave PCs, all running windows 10 pro 64.

    When I want to connect to an instance loaded on Slave 1, I can't see it listed on the plug in window on PT, but if i write down the IP address, instance name and click connect, everything works just fine. It's just annoying not being able to double click on the instance name to connect and have to tyoe in IP and name. Has anyone have this problem?

    btw Slave 2 works normally 


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    Hi marcosgil,

    Did you try to deactivate the firewall on your windows computer?
    If you need the firewall to be on, please establish exception rules for certain ports as described in the VE PRO 6 manual on page 4.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Having the same trouble.

    Sent two support requests over a week ago but no reply as yet.

    My network has two computers
    The MASTER computer running Studio One 4 on a DELL computer.
    Running VEP Server 64-bit instance "DELL"
    The SLAVE computer hosting VEP running VEP Server 64-bit instance

    Both computers can see each other and can share files via Windows Explorer
    Both computers can access the Internet.
    Both computers Firewall settings as per manual.
    Both computers work individually as localhost
    Both computer have static IP address'
    No wirless network.

  • Hi TCM, 

    Sorry to hear that your support request was not answered, Can you please post the case #?

    There must be something blocking/limiting the connection. Any AV software / security software involved?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul.
    Sent PM