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  • reformatting ExFAT SSD to accomodate Epic Orchestra 2.0 install

    I am having trouble installing the new Epic Orchestra library on my Mac Pro Server, using an external 500 GB SSD w/ 100 GB available. (This is where all my libraries are, and it has worked perfectly up to this point) The drive is formatted ExFAT which I believe has a 4 GB file limit (?) The problem is that it’s REALLY slow trying to install Epic Orchestra 2.0, I tried 3x and each time it got to ~30% in 12+ hours.
    It downloads just fine on an iMac Pro workstation internal SSD w/ APFS formatting. But it does not work with the external 500 GB SSD formatted ExFAT.
    1. Am I on track that ExFAT is the problem?
    2. Can I reformat the SSD without losing the libraries?
    3. If I flatten and reformat this SSD, will I be able to download the libraries again?  Is my license tied to that particular SSD or to the FileServer itself?
    John D. Georgeson
    UpBeat Studios LLC
    "Sing to him a new song;
           play skillfully, and shout for joy! "
    (Psalm 33:3 NIV)

  • Hi John, 

    You're definitely on the right track, but you cannot reformat a drive without losing the data.

    You will have to move the data to a different location and then move it back to the SSD when the formatting is done. 

    No worries, you can download the installation data for your registered products anytime from our servers. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul

    You mean, that it won't work on a exFat SSD, isn't it ???? I should reformatting my exFat ssd to NTFS to work.

    But why exFat is not supported?