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  • VEP 6 glitching and lagging

    Hi There,

    I have 2 macs running VEP 6, DAW is pro tools.  It's been working fine for over a year, and suddenly all my hosted instruments are glitching and lagging like crazy, all the local ones are fine.  If I reset my whole system or the network it works ok for about 10 minutes and then strarts up again. I've uninstalled and reinstalled VEP on both machines, nothing fixes it.  Anyone have any ideas?


  • yup same dude. i actually just switched up from VEP 5 which had zero issues and now with 6 it's laggy af with Pro Tools and causes crashes on session close. 


    Honestly, I'm thinking there's a reason they're coming out with VEP 7 so quickly after 6 when 5 was around for years. Kind of like how Windows was like "Yeah 8 was our bad, sorry guys here's 10 (don't ask about 9)."