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  • Opening VESP and presets in different computer

    Hello there,

    I created a template on a computer, and now I'm trying to open it in a different computer.

    The libraries are installed and authorized on both machines, but when I open the Vienna Ensemble Pro project all the cells are red, with the name crossed out in red.

    The same thing with the preset that I created and copied in the VSL Custom Data folder.

    Any suggestion would be a life saver.


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    Hi Ziobello,

    Sounds like you don't have access to the sample content.

    As you are using Vienna Instruments and MIR PRO, please do the following:

    Please open the Directory Manager (find it in "Applications" (OS X) or "All Programs" (Win) => then "Vienna Instruments").
    Remove all folders - then add all sample content again by drag and drop from your Finder/Explorer.
    More information about how the Directory Manager works can be found in the video "How to use the Directory Manager".

    With Vienna Mir Pro, make sure that your RoomPacks are installed correctly and that the correct path is assigned in your MIR PRO Preferences.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL