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  • The burning of Teldrassil

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    Using Vienna orchestral strings and harp from the special edition, in combination with various vocal libraries, this is an emotional piece I put together awhile back. It turned out so beautiful. The strings start, with a lengthy and extended simple chord. Various ethereal vocal effects are literred throughout the piece, and if memory serves, the lyrical phrases from sonus score is what I used for the solo soprano voice. About halfway through the piece, it transitions to a simple harp solo, continuing with various vocal effects layered on top of the harp. The end of the piece, the soloist returns to end the piece.

    The burning of Teldrassil

  • An interesting piece.  More like a vocal sound design I would say. 

    It is what it is. Not much else to say other than what you already wrote in your description.

    As for the mix, I didn't really hear anything derogatory but I was listening in my car.  Thanks for posting.

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