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  • VEP on Slave Mac glitches and drops out with Logic playing

    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to build a big orchestra template with my 2 old Mac Pros (Yosemite & Sierra both 64GB Ram) as slaves and my new Macbook Pro as Logic host. VEP & Logic is up to date.

    During playback or recording even if no VEP instrument is playing back it is almost impossible to play/record a VEP instrument (live). It's glitching and dropping out like crazy. And I noticed that the system performance shown on the VEP is already at 70-95% (showen in the low right corner of VEP) even if no VEP instrument is playing back.

    When Logic is stopped I can play any VEP instrument without error. 

    This happens on both machines. The older Mac Pro is having a harder time though.

    Maybe I'm missing something. Is anyone familliar with this problem?

    Thank you!

  • I also noticed now that it seems to denpend on my track count in Logic. I have an orchestral template with about 430 tracks. There the 2nd slave mac is not usable at all even with no other instruments playing. The VEP will glitch and drop out and show me crazy cpu usage even if nothing else is playing. When I erase about 180 tracks in Logic (the ones from my 1st slave mac) suddenly the 2nd machine is playable again, also during playback / recording.

    Next thing I tried was to leave the track count in Logic as is but I just gradually disconnected all other VEP instruments from my other slaves and Voila step by step the playability of slave 2 increased.

    When I connect slave 2 to an empty Logic templat and instanciate the VEP instruments everything works fine.

    Somehow it seems as if VEPs on other slaves is sucking cpu from each other?! 

    Can that be? Is there a limit of VEP instances one can use?

    I have no clue how to solve this and would apreciate any ideas.

    Thank you