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  • Master -MacPro 3.1 - and Slave -MacPro 2.1 - Configuration

    Hi there,

    because every configuration is at least a bit different, and most threads according this issue are master (Mac) and slave (PC), I'm starting this new thread: I want to setup a network with the 2 machines as mentioned above.        My Macs:

    1. MacPro 3.1: OS X 12.5 - 2x Quadcore@3.2Ghz - 28 GB Ram - 2x 480 GB SSD (1. System...; 2. Samples)...      Logic X 4.4 - Finale 2014.5

    2. MacPro 2.1: OS X "El Capitan" - 2x Quadcore@3.0Ghz - 32 GB Ram - HD with MacOS

    Til today I was only using machine#1 for producing mostly scores and playalongs for my students (drummer) and percussionists) and from time to time "bigger" ones.

    Back in 2008 - or so - I bought from VSL the Horizon "Mallets", which was my first contact to VSL. For the actual task I needed some "orchestral sounds" and so I "came back" to VSL and ordered VEP 7, Epic&Smart Orchestra, the Jazz Drumset and "The Vienna Whistler"

    The MacPro 2.1 was offered to me -for free - from a friend about one year ago. I upgraded it - change of CPU's et cet....originally it was a MacPro 1.1,  - (i thought using it for worst case szenario, that the 3.1 one day could "give up" - but (knock on wood) is a long distance runner.

    Back to the topic: does it make sense to you with that 2 warhorses? Do I only need a ethernet cable for connecting? Can I remote control the slave from the master, or need I a second monitor? Is there a tutorial describing the whole process- with setting the IP addresseset cet...?

    many questions....     Reiner

  • Hi Cymbalist,

    I don't think it's a good idea to use another machine as slave if your current MacPro 3.1 is working fine.

    Epic and Smart Orchestra are both tools for sketching in composition, they won't use much CPU power or Memories with the help of VEP (you can use your pre-order VEP7 licence to run VEP6).

    So one machine with SSD is enough for your current projet.

    If you are going to incharge some serious orchestral projets, maybe 100+ VST or effect plugins or anything heavy CPU charged, I recommand to use master-slave system.

    In this case, a 1GBS ethernet cable (CAT6) will be fine for connecting. Additional cable switch is wanted to connect multiple slaves. Upgrade the HD to SSD for sample streaming.

    You can remote control the slave from the master simply via software like "Teamviewer", it's totally free for personnal users.

    I found this tutorial useful for setting up a slave:


    Enjoy composing,


  • Well, Moh, first thank You for your answer. the last 2 days I was exploring the issue in the net - this afternoon I found the exact same video - sounds easy. With the one monitor for both macs I found the OS integrated solution of "screensharing". But, anyway, I installed the "teamviewer" -

    The project, I'm working on these days and weeks needs in the end some sections with "cinemascope" like sound and beneath all the VSL stuff, I'm using some "sonicc....." plugins (eg Hammers..., Cante...., Vibraphone, Marimba et cet) and others.

    So, the fact is, that even with about 10 stereo tracks, one core of the Mac 3.1 tended to produce clicks and glitches. Today i reorganized the project with the multitimbral feature of VEP 6 - which I already had installed - and played all instruments in 1 instance of VEP 6. The CPU usage was significantly lower, but on certain points of the arrangment - in play back mode - the clicks and glitches returns. I fullfilled all the recommandations for buffer size, threads et cet...So, I thought, seperating the tasks on 2 machines could help avoiding these problems. The second machine is ready to go and is boring in the corner....I would drag the SSD with the samples from the 3.1 and drop it in the 2.1, installing the VSL software and have a much more powerful and stable system.