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  • Width in MIR Pro


    I am running MIR Pro 24 within a Vienna Ensemble Pro Server project.  I have 24 instruments loaded onto the virtual stage.  The problem that I am experiencing is that I cannot adjust the width of 23 of the instuments.  For some reason I can adjust the width of the clarinet but the width of all other instruments is locked at 0 meters. 

    Does anyone have any ideas about what might be cuasing this?






  • Hi, figured it out.  I had the instruments loaded into MIR Pro as 'mono to stereo'.  Loading them in as 'stereo to stereo' enables width control.  


  • Hi Paul,

    thanks for the update! Good to hear that you figured out the solution yourself. :-)

    Enjoy MIR Pro!

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library