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  • Master-slave setup possible with VE only?

    Hello, I am totally new to the wonderful world of VSL.

    I am in the process of getting set up. Until now I have always composed for live orchestras and chamber groups so this is my first foray into this world and I'm quite confused. Please prepare for some possibly painful noob questions. 

    1. Can I run a master-slave setup just with VE? or do I need VEP? (trying to avoid extra cost here) 

    specifically, I was planning to use my mbp late 2013, 8GB RAM to run Logic Pro X, and have Synchron Strings plus a few other vsl standard instruments running on a Mac Mini late 2018, 6 core i7 with 32GB RAM. 

    Is that going to work? 

    2. Is it enough just to have one Vienna Key for the slave computer? or do I need one for the master too? 

    3. Can I use standard library instruments in the Synchron player? or do I run the Synchron player in VE? I don't really understand their relationship.

    4. What is the easiest way to apply reverb to recordings of live instruments so that they feel like they are in the same acoustic space as the Synchron Strings? can I do that in the Synchron player? or is that what MIR(x?) is for?? Or do I just try to match the reverb in Logic somehow??  (now you can tell i'm really confused). 

    Many thanks for any guidance...

  • Advice On What Gear I Need To Get Started With VEP6 And Slave/280513

  • thank you mohsohsenshi! 

    very helpful -- you have clarified my confusion! 

    much appreciated. 

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    Hello again,

    I have suceeded in setting up VEP 6 on a slave machine - master and slave are connected - so far so good.

    I have opened an instance on the slave machine, and loaded up a few instruments (in synchron player).

    I have been working my way through the manual, and was attempting to create a multi-timbral instrument in Logic (done). 

    I then assign the VEP plugin (multi output)

    I connect to the server instance.. and... I have no idea what to do next.

    On page 93 of the VEP 6 manual the next thing you see is a pop-up window with the VEP server and the mixer window, but I can't see how to open that. I assume I am missing something very obvious but it is 3:30am and I have tried everythning I can think of.

    is there a button I have to press which I'm not seeing, or is there something wrong with my setup? (screenshot included below). 

    I feel like I have been climbing a mountain just to get this far but I really hope that after all this money and time spent I can finally get back to making some music at some point. If anyone can see where I'm going wrong I would very much appreciate guidance (having tried the manuals and forums already, to no avail). 😕

    Master: mbp late 2013 8GB RAM

    Slave: mac mini late 2018 6 core i7 32 GB RAM

    Logic Pro X 10.4.4 , Roli Seaboard, Motu 8Pre ES 

    also, PS to the moderators: I no longer see any way to post a new thread - maybe it's just too late at night and I'm going blind, or have I been demoted? It would be nice at least to let me know, if so. thank you. 

  • Hi plinh, 

    Sounds to me like you have opened Vienna Ensemble Pro (Standalone) instead of the VE PRO Server. 

    "Start Thread" is available as soon as you are in one of the forum sections, on the top right corner of the forum window. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your quick reply. 

    I sort of hope you're right, because that sounds like a solution. At the same time, I don't think that can be the answer.

    I have taken two more screen shots to show you how things look.

    The first is from the slave computer, and you can see in the top bar it is clearly "Vienna Ensemble Pro Server (etc.)" 

    The second is from my master computer, according to the instructions on p.90 of the manual.

    What I don't understand is how to actually play any of the samples in Logic, because no mixer window comes up - is there an additional thing I'm supposed to click somewhere? (after seeing the floating window which shows that I am connected to my instance running on the slave). This is not mentioned in the manual, the next image you have (on p.93) shows the mixer, apparently as a floating window on the "master" within the DAW. 

    Any help is much appreciated as I am trying to meet a deadline to deliver some cues for a documentary which is going into final post very soon. 

    With gratitude,




  • And thank you for the info relating to posting new threads - sorry if I sounded a bit snippy - it was late and I had  been staring at the screen in confusion for too long. 

  • ok - it does now seem to be working - I can play the samples but the synchron player is clearly on the slave machine and I have to use screen sharing to see it. Is that how it's supposed to work? (because in the screenshot from the manual, the floating window definitely looks as if it's on the "master" side - does that make sense?)

    The sound is very glitchy, full of pops and cracks, even playing a single "long notes" articulation. 

    But the CPU Load on the slave side seems to be fine - max 10%

    any suggestions?

    Are there any logic templates for a synchron strings ensemble? Perhaps there's something about my routing which is inefficient. 

    Ah well, gradually getting there. I'm going to go through all the routing again to see if there's anything I've got mixed up. 

  • Hi plinh, 

    Thanks for the update. That looks like it should indeed. Do you hear the short notes when you play them in the "Strings Test" instance, with the mouse on the keyboard? 

    Then you only have to make sure that you are sending the MIDI data on the right MIDI channel (in this case, channel 4, your screenshot shows channel 2). 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hello again,

    I think you might be right that in Logic the "raise instance" does not function, and no VEP instance/mixer window pops up even if you connect to the VEP on the slave.

    This happens to me. My solution is to install a remote control software called "Teamviewer" on both machines, when I need to edit something as plugin or pan... I switch to the remote screen and do the job.

    I guess the raise instance function is only available with the local VEP server.

    Hope this will be helpful.

    Enjoy composing,


  • OK - thank you! that starts to make sense - I thought I was going crazy! Does that mean that "raise instance" would work if I had a second license and a second Vienna Key plugged into the Master machine? 

    And I guess this means that every articulation change (unless I learn all the keyswitches) has to be made by having the slave machine's screen visible? 

    I still feel like I'm missing something as I have seen no mention of this anywhere, and you'd think it must be a fairly common issue. 

    And, not to complain, but would in not make sense to point out the problem in the manual? Especially as so much of the manual is specifically about running VEP in Logic. Perhaps this could save many future confused souls from a kind of computer purgatory that I've been wandering in for the last couple of days. 

    In other news, just in case this helps anyone, I have found a (possibly even simpler) solution for the screen-sharing problem (which I haven't seen on any forum posts yet, so I mention it here). If you enable "remote management" on the slave machine, you can just go to the "Go" menu - top bar in "Finder" and select "Connect to Server" then you type in "vnc://yourslavecomputer'snamehere.local" and your slave machine should pop up. Then it's just a matter of "Command-Tab" to switch back and forth with the built in "Screen sharing" function - this avoids the need for any additional software (I think!). 

    With thanks,


  • I argee with you for pointing out that they should explain more clearly in the user's manual. Maybe a remote control function/screen sharing should be added to VEP7 so that the workflow will be greatly improved.

    I don't think you should buy a second key for the Master machine because you are streaming from the slave. Only if you load any VST inside your Master and use VEP as local server, a Vienna Key is needed.

    In fact, we build our instance in VEP on the slave and map every I/O , midi output channel with Logic. Most of VST nowaday has keyswitches and you don't have to go to the slave for articulation change.

    As shown in this video, once the channel output is asigned to that in Logic, you can play the VST as it's done in DAW. So if you build a instance which is already has multiple channels loaded with differents articulations, just press the arrow key on your keyboard to switch track in Logic. You can save this instane as projet model and connect it to another song. We have lots of work to do at the very beginning but once and forever.

    These troubleshooting pushed me to be a computer "expert" since I use VST as composing tool, I've done so much research online and I totally understand your situation.

    Hope you get your job done in time.