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  • VST DLLs No Longer Loading in Sibelius


    As of today (but not true yesterday), Sibelius 7.5.1 stalls/freezes on playback initializtion when loading the VSL Instruments DLL and VSL Instruments PRO DLL. I have tried redownloading the DLLs and rescanning them with Sibelius, but this has failed. If I load Sibelius without the VSTs and add after, they no longer appear in the Playback Devices, nor can I switch to a VSL instrument configuration. 


    Windows 7, 64 bit.,

  • Not even Vienna Instrument Pro 2 stand alone will load

  • Nevermind, the stand alone does work. It just froze for awhile (no where near as long as I waited for Sibelius, at least 10 minutes)