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  • VEP 6, Roland Cloud & Komplete Kontrol

    So I’m new to the VEP software, and after several years of ever increasing VI libraries and Pro Tools high CPU errors, I finally had enough and discovered the VEP solution! I’ve spent the last week getting my second PC ready to host the VEP server and downloading my VI’s, and today I think I got some things figured out. One thing that I was determined to resolve was using the Roland Cloud instruments outside of PT plug ins and inside of the VEP 6 server. I haven’t seen this particular solution mentioned specifically in these forums from my searches, so excuse me if this is already well known(bidule?). You can use the Roland Cloud through an instance of NI Komplete Kontrol in VEP 6. Through the Komplete Kontrol stand-alone app you can add the Roland instrument folders. Then in VEP 6 use the Komplete Kontrol instance, and under Files - Instruments you can choose Roland instruments(NOT Concerto, this is D-50, Jupiter-8, etc.). I have several channels running with Roland instruments this way and no crashes! Now, the Roland instruments will only play audio through virtual output channels 1 to 4 back to PT at this point, and I haven’t been able to work around that yet. But all you need to do is create a new instance and add more channels using outs 1-4 with Komplete and select Roland instruments. It’s been running well this way so far.

  • Thanks for this!! Hoping for a fix soon!