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  • Licenses-Multiple licenses in 6 don't work? What comp needs a license

    I must admit to being confused by your whole licensing protcol, and i have a feeling I am not the only one, which means, it isnt designed clearly or explained well enough.

    What the heck are the "upgrade licenses"? Are they REAL licesnes for 3 of my machines, or, are they a sort of "pass" that allows me to upgrade from version 5 to vers 6 three times? I thought I had licenses for three machines, but I see in my VSL that I have three VE Pro 6 "upgrade licenses". I bought a new elicense key, and when I try to use elicense control center to authorize my new elicensor, it wants my old elicnesor Key which has vers 5 on it. It will not put a license on my new elicense key. It seems to want to see the old elicense key, which has VE Pro 5 on it. (I have attached a pic of my licenses) What good is having three licenses, when I cant put the 2nd or 3rd license on 2 new keys? I need my old elicense dongle to stay in my old system, and a sepearte license for my B room. 

    Also, what machine needs to be licensed if I have a Mac Pro with DP10, with a PC slaved via ethernet with VE Pro installed? Do I just need to authorize and have an elicesnor on the PC or both?

    If I only need to authorize the PC, will the Master Mac computer be able to install the plug in for DP without an elicensor key in the Mac?


  • +1

    I'm posed with the same sort of dilema going from v6 to v7.

    Do I have to upgrade my 3 licenses? I thought last time I upgraded from 5 to 6 I only needed to upgrade one main lcense and the others followed.

    To upgrade my main license plus 2 additional ones from v6 to 7, do I really have to pay:

    EU 75 + 45 + 45 = 165?

    if so, firstly I think thats too expensive given that there's not much in the upgrade except a promise of "more to come". Secondly is it arbitrary what license I choose to assign the main EU75 main upgrade?

    What If I only upgraded my main DAW license and not the other 2, will it run, will I get the benefit of the upgrade on the farm PCs?