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  • (SOLVED)Having Trouble With Multiple Instances Of VePro

    I have loaded up my first VePro instance and that is fine. I even got it to host Synchron Player. But I can't figure out how to get a second instance up and running. I would like to use it to host Aria and Play libraries.

    I do things simply, namely I only use outputs 1/2. But I am not having success getting Aria and Play to work inside a second instance of VePro. Do I need to use an instance of Aria for every instrument? That would be 4 instances. for Play it would be 5 or 6. Which would not be efficient, so I assume I can in fact use it for multiple instruments? I'm just having trouble making it work (getting sound).



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    Solved it. First, I discovered that I had hit the Bypass button by mistake (good way to kill the sound) 😳. Then I figured out I needed to set the channel for Aria Player on the Vepro mixer to all. And route the midi from Cakewalk (Sonar) to Aria as usual.😝

    I'm so smart...😉