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  • Installing Epic Orchestra on an offline computer

    Hey folks, probably a pretty simple question here:  I did the VE Pro 7 upgrade and downloaded the Epic Orchestra library on my home computer, since the download speeds at my studio are glacial.  I haven't sorted out how to get it installed on the studio computer, I've copied the files over and downladed the Synchron player, but can't figure out how to point it at the library.  Any suggestions?


  • Just download everything with the download-Manager and don't install.
    Copy the files over to your computer, install Synchron Player and open the "Synchron Library Installer" (you can find it in the Start-Menu on Windows machines). A File-Open-Dialoge-Box will appear. Now select the "" file from the copied files and continue install procedure.

    Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • Cool, thanks Ben.  I figured it'd be something simple.