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  • 3rd Party VI's in VEP 6 Don't Seem Fully Supported

    I recently purchased VEP 6 so I could use it to offload 3rd party VI's such as Roland Cloud and Native Instruments Komplete to a new Windows 10 PC. I have been working on this for several weeks now. I downloaded all the Komplete collection from NI, and even figured out that Roland Cloud instruments can play from Kontact within VEP 6! Unfortunately, the Native Instruments VI's do not operate completely in VEP 6 from my experience. I have been using a Pro Tools HDX system with a Mac Pro 2013 trash can and 32GB of RAM, and I have been using these VI's including Kontact/Komplete for quite some time, and I know how they are supposed to work. But as I sit side by side with both the Mac with Pro Tools and Kontact and the VEP 6 on the PC with Kontact(or Komplete Kontrol, either one), the NI menus are not working correctly, and I can't edit the instruments because many pops ups are not showing. I do indeed have the VEP 6 working from the Windows 10 PC to the Mac to Pro Tools using the VEP 6 server, and the lack of latency from my NI keyboard back to Pro Tools is amazing. But if the 3rd party VI plug ins don't work correctly, I can't use VEP 6. I was so close too! When I click on a tab in an instrument instance window in Kontact within VEP(like in Rise & Hit, or Alicia's Keys), and the corresponding pop up window doesn't show up, then the VI is not fully supported from what I can tell. All rescans of my directories in VEP 6 show all the plug ins as recognized. When I run the stand alone Komplete Kontrol on the PC, then it works correctly. So now what? Who would work on this issue? Vienna? I don't think NI is going to care either. I'm between a rock and a hard place! Unless there is something I can differently, VEP 6 just isn't going to be the solution I was hoping for, dang it! Others have Kontact working in VEP 6 with all the edit pop up windows needed for the instruments?

  • I want to amend my post. I noticed that VEP 6 stand alone app did work with the NI VI's. Strange. So I then went back to the VEP 6 sever, and AFTER making a remote connection, then the NI VI menus popped up and I could edit, etc. I don't know why this is, except maybe when you do not have a remote server connection with an active audio output it causes a confict with the NI VI? So perhaps I have answered my own question, at least for now! Whew!