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  • Andante moderato in the classical style for bassoon and orchestra

    Hi everyone,

    Here is a piece for bassoon and orchestra in the classical style that I just finished. All the woodwinds are from VSL, and notably the solo bassoon is VSL's Bassoon 2:

    Any comments on the composition and/or the mockup are highly appreciated. Thanks for listening.

  • Hi Dominique,

    sounds great! Was a pleasure to listen to.
    May I ask what string library you used?

    Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • Thank you Ben! The strings are Light & Sound Chamber Strings, with only a bit of reverb added.

  • Hi Dominique,

    Lovely piece, I enjoyed it! Can't provide any compositional critique, it all sounded right to me. The soloist and the rest of the orchestra are in balance all the time, I thought. On the technical side, one can notice the difference between the hall-esque ambience of the string and the "silently staged" bassoon. You did add reverb to the bassoon, but it still needed to "sink" into the scene just a little bit more. Which roughly means "less dry sginal/more wet", I guess.



  • Hi crusoe,

    Thank you very much. You are absolutely right about the mix. I have posted a new link where the bassoon is pushed further back into the room and blends better with the orchestra. More wet signal and less dry, just as you suggested. Sounds better to my ears, so thanks for the tipp!

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