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  • Mojave - VEP5 Server "" Error

    Hi everyone,

    I'm on a fresh install of macOS Mojave with all software & licences up-to-date. I've been getting this error when trying to open up VE Pro 5 Server:

    "Application '' could not be started. Probably the file is corrupted or incompatible, or file access permissions are set incorrectly."

    I do not get this error when opening the non-server version, nor do I with VE6 Service (not pro).

    I know it has to do something with Mojave's "Automation" section under "Security & Privacy", but VEP is there and the 'Synsopos' box is checked.

    I have important Logic sessions that use VEP5 Server and right now I can't use them on this machine.



  • FWIW; a Mac colleague of mine has the exact same problem...

  • Hello Lee, 

    I am sorry to say that, although VE Pro 5 basically works fine in macOS 10.14, this exact problem can occur with VE Pro 5 Server(!) under certain circumstances - unfortunately, we simply do not know why this happens and I am afraid that our developers will not update VE Pro 5 anymore, as it is in fact legacy software.

    Please contact us via, we will find a solution for you. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Here are couple of things to try.  I've seen these work on other apps that are not designed for Mojave.

    Make sure your elicenser app is up to date first.

    Also, before doing any of the following, make sure synsopos is not running (force quir it if you have to using activity monitor).


    1.  Try disabling and re-enabling the security and privacy checkbox in the automation panel.  


    2.  If that doesn't work, you can reset the TCC database using the following command in a terminal window:

    tccutil reset AppleEvents

    This will remove all occurances odf the items in the automation tab.  You can see this happen if you have that window open at the time.  This will require you to authorise each app once again as you did initially.  

    If one of these works you probably need to do it each time you update the elicenser app,


    3. As a last resort, you can launch elicenser and leave it running while using VEP 5. Then VEP 5 won't need to control synsopos since it will already be running.

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    Wow....  I'm in the same boat.  Thanks for the middle finger support Vienna.  👎

  • Me, too. Same boat with mixes in progress. I have determined that 'Synsopos' is actually running. (I can see it in Activity Monitor.) However, I still get the 'not running' error when I try to launch VEP Server 64-bit. So the issue seems to be VEP Server 64-bit not being able to 'see' that the process is running. Anybody find a way around this? Paul, any further thoughts?

  • Is there any updaate on this? WHERE IS VIENNA FOR HELP ? HELLOOOO????

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    I'm afraid VE PRO 5 simply does not work with Mojave.

    No way anyone could anticipate what Apple is up to with their future updates.

    Upgrade prices to VE Pro 7 are the same for all users of previous VE Pro versions.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Well, this sorta sucks. I just went through a tortuous Mojave upgrade of an old Mac, now I ffinally have it running, now this.

    I have VEP 6 that I haven't updated to for fear I will lose all sort of templates. Will VEP 6 work under Mojave?


    Also, if I move back to El Cap on a different boot disk, will VEP 5 still work?

  • Hi NYC Composer, 

    I understand your situation, we are dreading each macOS update every year, like many other companies. 

    The good news is: VE Pro 6 will work flawlessly under Mojave. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul, thanks for your answer. Two questions: 1. I’m running VEP 5 on a slave machine as well. If I upgrade the main to VEP6, does the slave have to be upgraded as well? 2. Will my previous mframes still link to Cubase projects after upgrading from 5 to 6? Thanks

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    @NYC Composer said:

    1. I’m running VEP 5 on a slave machine as well. If I upgrade the main to VEP6, does the slave have to be upgraded as well?
    2. Will my previous mframes still link to Cubase projects after upgrading from 5 to 6?

    1) Yes, all computers need to use the same version of VE Pro. 

    2) Yes. VE Pro connects based on 2 factors: IP address and instance name (preserved name). 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL