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  • [SOLVED] Protection plan question

    The description of the the Vienna Protection Plan says in part:

    "Insert the ViennaKey with the VSL licenses you want to protect. Activate your protection in the eLicenser Control Center by entering your Activation Code and start the usage period. The VSL licenses on this ViennaKey are now protected."

    Taking this literally, it means that any new licenses I buy during the two years the plan is in effect are not covered. Is that the way I should read it? If so, how do I cover my new purchases?

    I apologize in advance if this quesation has already been asked and answered.

    EDIT: this question is answered in the FAQ!Frequently_asked

    which I didn't find until after posting here. I do think the wording quoted above is confusing.

  • Hi rrichard63, 

    Sorry for the confusion. 

    All licenses on a key that contains a Protection Plan license are covered, no matter when they are added. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL