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  • Velocity crossfade behaviour in Syncron Percussion

    I love the sound of this collection, but, except for the timpani, where vxf is behaving normally, I have trouble playing cc 2 controlled rolls.

    In the bass drum, for instance, when I turn on vxf, it affects the starting dynamic of the roll, anc there is no change when I move the cc2 slider. Only if I retrigger the roll, it will play a static dynamic from vhere the slider is at the moment. That is quite weird, and I hope I have done something wrong, that it´s not the intention...

    What I want to do is to have the dynamics of all singe hits and recorded dynamics controlled by velocity, and dynamics of the long rolls controlled by a continous cotroller. Ideally without having to switch that controller on and off. Is this possible?

    This is the way things work in ALL my other percussion libraries.

  • Hello gstoraa_2685!

    For most of the percussion instruments you can find various roll versions mapped on different keys. For example the Bass drum includes the following rolls.

    C5: Roll with long release sample
    C#5: Roll with short release sample
    C6: Roll with Velocity XFade and long release sample
    C#6: Roll with Velocity XFade and short release sample
    + recorded dynamic rolls on keys D5-A#5 and D6-A#6

    You can always check out the mapping info easily by clicking the Key Info button at the top.

    To switch between velocity controlled single hits and VelXF controlled rolls you have to turn VelXF on and off.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thank you for answering.

    I guess I can live with having to switch vxf on and off, although it´s not ideal.