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  • Synchro Player has no content

    I see no patches or presests in the Synchron browser. It just says Factory > '"default". I refreshed, restarted my DAW. I checked the path in the database tab. The .vsynvolume docs are where they should be. Any ideas?


  • I run into the same problem. I downloaded and installed the Epic Orchestra 2.0. I also added the directory where I put *.vsynvolume files to the "volume scan path" in Synchron Player, but there is still no content in Synchron Player.  

    OS: Window 10 

    DAW: Cubase 9.5

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    Did you check that the license is available in the latest eLicenser Control Center?

    If that's the case, please send some screenshots to for us to help you!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks! Until I checked the eLicensor CC I didn't realize I had to enter an Activation code. The Epic Orchestra 2.0 content is now available in the Synchron Player.

    However, the bonus Giant Taiko content you sent (thank you btw) is not there. Is it suppose to be part of EO2.0, or does it need a separate Activation Code? If so I didn't recieve one. I tried reinstalling, and refreshing in Sychron Player. 

    Thanks again

  • Hi Dan, 

    Thanks for the update.
    Please check in the "Synchron Percussion" folder. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Ah, ha! There it is! Thanks so much again for your help.