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  • [SOLVED] local instance still closing even when decoupled


    I pulled up a local instance of VEP 6 for the first time in a long while (have otherwise been using a slave machine for years)... I have it decoupled in the plugin, but this instance still closes down when I close my Pro Tools 2018.12 session. What step am I missing to keep the instance open so that it may connect to the next session I open (but still decoupled?). To decouple I am making sure the small cycling arrows plus ! icon is lit in the plugin. Thanks for any insight!

    Trash can mac

    High Sierra, VEP6, ProTools 2018

  • figured this out, i missed clicking the "lock" icon in the plugin... I've been using VEP since version 1 don't ever remember doing this, I think some graphics or defaults changed since v5. anyway, all good!