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  • Finding a place for Epic Orchestra 2.0 in one of my SSDs

    I have read about the new Vienna Ensemble 7.
    I have 4 SSD
    1. C: for windows 10 pro
    2. T: where I create and edit my audio files using Studio One pro
    3. V: for all the Vienna libraries except for
    4. D: VSL Dimension libraries
    D:  and V: are almost full so Epic Orchestra 2.0 can’t be installed there.
    I cannot afford a new SSD at the moment so I need installing Epic Orchestra 2.0
    in a new partition in C: or T:

    Which SSD do you think is the best choise for the new partition (C: or T: ?

    Why?  ( So I will learn how to manage these situations)

    Thank You Sergio

  • Hi Sergio, 

    It also depends on how those SSDs are connected, but I'd use T for now, so that C can be busy with your OS. 

    You can move Epic Orchestra 2.0 anytime later on!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thank you Paul,

    that's what I was thinking but I wanted to be sure.