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  • SY Strings ART Tools 1.0 for LPX ::: RELEASED

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    Hello All,

    We at Audio Grocery are proud to announce the very first complete bundle specially designed for a specific Virtual Instrument library. The new SYNCHRON Strings Articulation Tools product includes all composing utilities you need.

    Sincere thanks to Vienna Symphonic Library who supported and approved that project!

    Watch a PROMO Video.

    Short Key Features:

    • Articulation Sets for Logic 10.4.2 or higher.

    • Specially designed User Presets for SY Player.

    • Logic Smart Controls for SY Player & iOS Logic remote.

    • Logic Patches: SY Preset+Art Set+Smart Controls.

    • iOS presets for TouchOSC and Lemur.

    • Professional Logic Orchestral Templates.

    • ART Pro 6 Presets.

    • OSX & Windows Installers.

    All detail Key Features are published in the product page.

    • The SY Articulation Sets are 100% compatible with the Logic Articulation Sets system (3 Outputs), thanks to a special SY Player Presets & Art Sets design made by Audio Grocery. You do not need to own AG ART Pro 6 in this case!

    • The bundle comes with the original AG Maps Editor presets, so the ART Pro 6 owners can customize them according to their taste.

    - ECO (economical) bundle is 100% functional and can be stored as Logic Art Sets (3 outs) presets.

    - EXT (extended) bundle supports the original SY Strings dimension tree structure including the XF dimensions and full Art Names. The EXT bundle can be used with AG MIDI Scripter plugin only.



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    Hi all,

    The Synchron ART Tools 1.0 is a brand new product of its kind, that's why we wish to outline some of the questions we got lately (the product web page is updated with FAQ too). I hope the answers will give you more information about that special articulation toolkit.

    F A Q

    Q. Are the Synchron ART Tools mainly (or only) ART ID oriented? I own an ART Pro 6.3 toolkit and I only use region’s base text points Articulation switching (with AG Maps Editor & Scripter).
    A. Synchron ART Tools come with presets for both standards:
    • Articulation Sets for ART ID switching (Logic 10.4.2 or higher).
    • ART Pro 6.3 Editor presets for Art Text Points or Art ID switching via the AG Scripter.

    Q. After the Installation, two types of AG Maps Editor Presets appeared in my AG Library folder (SY Strings ECO and and SY Strings EXT). What is the difference between ECO and EXT? I own ART Pro 6.3 and I’m confused which one to use.
    A. • The Economical (ECO) presets are designed for storing as “Logic Art Sets” mainly, but they can be used with AG Scripter as well. We created optimized SY Player AG presets with special Dimension architecture which is 100% functional with the Logic Art Sets capabilities (up to 3 Art outs).
    Example: The ECO preset allows you to switch directly from Pizz to Legato Soft: Lyr Vib, Reg Vib or No Vib via a single touch of an external Art remote button or a 2nd Keyboard KS. This is a 100% one touch Art Maps switching concept.
    • The Extended (EXT) presets are designed according to the original Synchron XF Dimension slots which require more than 3 Art output assignments.
    Example: You can combine one touch switching with a XF Dimension switching (by using an external CC fader or CC pedal). This hybrid method allows you to play two hands “SY Strings All”, for example, and switch directly to a given XF slot via an Art Remote Program Change or a KS, and tweak the CC pedal to switch between the XF Dimension slots Lyr Vib, Reg Vib or No Vib.

    Q. I use a 2nd Keyboard to remote the Articulations and I want to import the Articulation names with KS prefixes into my current Logic project Track Pad. How can I do that in case I do not own AG Logic Maps Editor?
    A. Unfortunately, Logic Instrument Patches cannot be stored in the Track Pad info pane. There are two alternatives:
    • Use the provided Logic Orchestral templates which come with SY Strings pre-loaded tracks with Track Pad Art Names.
    • Keep your current Logic project opened and open the SY Orchestral KS template. Select a SY Instrument track and copy the Art Names from the Track Pad. Paste the Clipboard into your current Logic project SY Track Pad info pane.

    Q. I tried the TouchOSC SY Presets installed in the SY Library and I may say that these layouts are the best I’ve ever used. What is the difference between the AG TouchOSC and Lemur?
    A. There are some minor differences, such as:
    • If you use TouchOSC with an AG Logic Orchestral template, you must press a “Recall” button if you want to switch the iPad presets according to the Logic track selection. The AG Lemur does that automatically when you select a track.
    • AG Lemur is far more powerful if you own the AG Maps Editor. ART Pro 6.3 comes with an extended Lemur workstation which offers up to 130 Articulation buttons where you can teleport the SY EXT presets, for example.

    Q. What is the purpose of the Windows Installer (I do not use Windows)?
    A. The Windows installation is developed for the users who use VE Pro hosted on PC Computers. After the installation an AG Presets folder will appear in the SY Player User library (in VE Pro).

    Q. I own the Synchron FX Strings bundle. After making several Maps (in the Logic factory editor) I realized that I needed more than 300 Articulations which discouraged me from creating maps. Does the AG Synchron FX Strings Map come with such a huge number of articulations?
    A. Nope. We developed a special collection of SY Player User presets with correspondent Articulation Sets. The FX Strings collection is sorted by FX type, so it is very easy to work. The articulations number per set varies between 5 - 42.